Thanks for dropping in to Images of Scotland, my view of this magnificent country which I'm proud to call home.

My name's Noel and I'm a 50 something keen amateur photographer and enjoy nothing more than getting out and about with a camera in hand and letting my senses come alive with the sights, sounds and smells that surround me wherever I am.

Every image here has been taken by me over many years and, with every image I take, I try to learn something new so that my next one is that bit better.


Photography is a great hobby to have and really helps keep the old (quite old in my case!) grey matter on the go.

And, of course, being outside is good for the soul and our mental wellbeing.


Scotland means so much to me - way beyond simply being my home. I just hope that the images I've included here show you just how amazing and special it really is.

my kit

I've long been a Canon 'shooter' having started off with a film DSLR in the pre-digital age and have fond memories of going in to the local branch of WH Smith and filling in one of the envelopes and then waiting a week or so with my fingers crossed, hoping for my images to at least be in focus!

Of course, like the vast majority of photographers, I moved on to digital cameras and have been though a number of Canon crop sensor models before last year taking the leap and going full frame, which is a new experience altogether.  Will I go mirrorless? Possibly but not yet.

I also have an iPhone which seems to do a reasonable job when I'm out without my DSLR and I have recently invested in a Sony compact camera for those 'I can't be bothered lugging my bag with me' moments and then wishing I had!

The other aspect of digital photography is post-processing.

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