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As much as I love technology (as anyone who knows me will testify) I really do like simple things and simple solutions - probably because they're a bit like me in reality!

When I saw an advert for the Peak Design wrist strap I was intrigued as I've been looking for a solution as to how to have my camera in my hand when walking but not having to wrap the rather long Canon standard issue strap round my wrist.

To be fair the Canon strap wrapped round my wrist approach has worked until now but it's just a faff and doesn't provide me with an easy way to remove the strap when I'm taking long exposures in particular - thus increasing the chances of additional vibration if it's breezy and ruined images.

Image (C) Peak Design

Step up the Peak Design 'Cuff'.

It's a smart leather strap held attached to my camera via a Peak Design anchor. Not only does it attach my camera to my wrist, in the event that I were to drop it, the Cuff strap tightens and prevents the camera from falling to the floor.

You can also (which I've now done) buy a kit that allows the use of your original camera strap with the PD anchors which offers a quick and easy way to release and attach both the original strap and the Cuff.

As I said at the beginning, I like simple solutions and these have made my photographic life just that little bit easier.

I should point out that this is simply my own opinion of two Peak Design products and I am not receiving any form of payment or discount etc. from the manufacturers or suppliers.




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