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Close encounter

Part of our recent trip to Ardnamurchan was the hope of seeing lots of wildlife including Otters, Eagles and Pine Marten.

And we weren't disappointed - you can read about our other sightings in my other blog posts.

But this encounter was somewhat unexpected and a bit closer than normal.

I'd woken up early and decided to take a wander down to the beach behind our lodge to see if I could spot any Otters along the shoreline. So, camera in hand and long lens attached, I started across the beach, stopping when I heard a loud noise behind me.

Turning round I came face to face with this large stag - perhaps 20 feet or so away - which I had obviously disturbed. What a beauty!

I brought my camera up and started to take a few shots in the lowish light while it stood there and watched me. Those antlers looked pretty sharp and I knew it was rutting season so the stags are a bit more feisty than normal.

The stag then decided it wanted to get in to the trees behind me and set off at a run - thankfully around me - to get there. Cue lots more clicking and panning from me!

Eventually it slowed to a stop and obviously felt safer but what an experience first thing in the morning.

A fabulous beast, up close and with no one else around. That's what wildlife watching is all about!


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