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Dam it!

My last proper 'pre-lockdown' outing with my camera was at the start of last week (which seems such a long time ago now). I was up and about early so thought I'd head up to Loch Turret, in the hills above Crieff which isn't a million miles from my home.

Loch Turret is a large freshwater reservoir formed from a glacial trench (at least that's t'interweb says) with a large wall holding the water in place which is at depths of up to nearly 80m.

I've been there plenty of times before so I was hopeful of capturing the last of the snow on the surrounding hilltops and perhaps get a nice shot or two of the little building that sits just beyond the wall of the reservoir.

It was pretty cold up there, as it often is when I've been, and there was quite a strong wind which kept the clouds running west to east at a pace. So I decided to go for some longer exposures to help flatten the water surface and to get some of that movement in the clouds.

Some of the image above has been lightened to bring out the shadows in the hillside and on the building itself but overall I'm quite pleased about it, not least because I was able to capture some of the remaining snow as I'd wanted. Photography is a hobby that tests you on so many levels - setting up and taking the image is just the start!

I took a couple of variations of this shot while I was there and then mooched about looking for some other opportunities. The one below was taken at the end of the dam wall, where the water spills into a long drainage canal that sweeps down to the foot of the dam wall.

This looked an ideal opportunity to create an 'arty' black and white shot, making the most of the movement in the water and the shapes it was creating and the solidity of the concrete wall.

As I was still all alone up there - little did I know that being isolated was to become such a big thing - I took a wander down the outlet canal and looking back up found myself drawn to the leading lines and - again - the movement and power in the water.

You really don't have to go too far from home to find new and interesting things to photograph although in today's Coronavirus world, getting out at all is beyond the reach of most of us while we collectively try to beat this pandemic.

So I'm going to have a look at my garden at the weekend and see what I can teach myself in an even more local photographic trip.

In the meantime, I hope you remain safe and well and that you follow the latest guidelines/rules in our collective response to these troubling times.


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