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Happy Holly-day!

I really enjoy finding out how to do new things so last year I summoned up the courage to ask a couple of friends to sit for me so that I could try some portrait ideas out.

I've got to hand it to my friends, Holly and Sam. They were excellent subjects and I couldn't be more pleased with the images we took, with me trying out various flash arrangements and so on.

Working with Holly was a good experience for me as a nervous novice as she was relaxed about being in front of the camera and happy to wait while I messed around with the various kit I had with me.

I really like the image above as I think the light and shadow has come together nicely giving a really nice feeling of calm and peace. Something we all need more of these days.

We managed to rattle off loads of shots and I came away happy not only with some great images but also having learnt a lot about taking pictures of people.

The picture to the left is another of my favourites as it's a nice natural portrait, where we made use of some of the nice natural light coming in through the window.

Below is another favourite - more along the lines of 'classic' portrait in black and white alongside another more relaxed picture with the inclusion of a cosy hooded top.

I'm very much looking forward to working with Holly again after she 'volunteered' to sit for me again.

Roll on normal times!


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