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New shores to explore

I've reached a certain age - you know, the one with a 5 and a zero - so Mrs C and I decided to celebrate with a break on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula which is somewhere we hadn't been before.

I was particularly excited about the potential wildlife 'spots' that we might have - chief of which for me was seeing/watching otters in the wild, something I've wanted to see for a very long time.

The closest I've managed before was seeing the back of one as it slid in to the water last year on Skye. I couldn't really count that as a 'spot'.

And what a week it was with encounters with otters (yay!), deer, pine marten, bats and more heron than you could shake a stick at!

Getting up early on our first morning was rewarded by watching a visit from the relatively rare and often hard to see Pine Marten (named Ricky by Mrs C) - tempted in by the peanut butter and old banana left out by the lodge owners.

What a beautiful creature and what a treat to see it as close as it was to the lodge. It didn't seem at all bothered by me and my camera hanging out of the window!

The good news is that I was able to capture a short bit of video of it as it was mooching about the garden - no more than a couple of metres away from the window I was stood at trying to be excited and quiet all at the same time.

This was a real treat and - as we didn't see any others during our week - it shows that the early bird (or in my case, the early middle aged bloke) really does catch the worm!

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