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Three is the magic number

I do like the latest tech - it's something I've always enjoyed I think. And as my years advance, I've made a bit of personal pledge to make sure I keep up with what's happening in the tech world so that I can make the most of it when I become officially elderly - whenever 'elderly' actually is?

I think the elderly folk of todays world really miss out on what is available to them from so many angles. Be it just the internet itself and home shopping for example, or in terms of communication or the 'smart' innovations that would undoubtedly make their lives more comfortable.

It's hard for me to think of life without the internet (and I was born very pre-internet) so I'm really pleased when I see older folk using smartphones and tablets. I recently saw one having a conversation with someone on her Apple watch! Very Knight Rider.

My love of camera tech is no less strong - I'm keeping abreast of the developments around mirrorless cameras for example and will no doubt take a more serious look when I start to think about changing my Canon DSLR - that's a long way off yet though!

The Canon and my iPhone both take excellent photographs but each has it's own limitations, The 5D is amazing and capable of so much. But that comes at the cost of size and bulk and the need for back surgery every time I take the full kit out with me - which is rare I can assure you!

The iPhone on the other hand is brilliant - it's small enough for my pockets and has a great camera and video set up but it just can't compete with the Canon in terms of image quality and flexibility.

So I finally decided to look in to a camera to bridge the gap between the two - something that I could keep in my pocket while more generally out and about and which would have more capacity in terms of zoom and tech that smartphones can't manage yet.

After much research (and I do mean a lot!) and watching YouTube videos, I decided on a Sony compact camera which I have been very pleased with so far. It feels like a very capable camera and carries many characteristics of its larger higher end DSLR siblings including shooting in RAW which is an added bonus. Working between Canon and Sony menus doesn't seem too challenging either.

It's already demonstrated good point and shoot skills and I can really make the camera work with the same types of manual controls as a DSLR. The images on this blog are all early shots from the Sony.

So, hopefully, three is the magic number for me. My DSLR, iPhone and the new compact camera.

Surely there can't be a 'need' for a fourth?

Can there?


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