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What's new, pussycat?

Two years ago, we decided to take on another rescue cat having lost our first one a year or so previously.

After a bit of searching, we were lucky to find 'Rusty' who has been living with us ever since. He's a fabulous cat, affectionate, full of character and - of course - totally in charge in the house!

With his ginger colouring, he's also a great subject for a snap or two. In fact, I really enjoy taking pictures of him although I do wonder what he thinks when I hover round with my camera in hand.

I don't use a flash so he doesn't seem bothered and he just carries on with doing cat things.

Every time I take an image - even if it's just a snapshot - I learn something about lighting, exposure and so on. All things that I'll find useful elsewhere in my photography.

And it proves that you don't need to go far at all to create lovely images, particularly when the weather is a bit pants!


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